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What to see...

What can you see?
Allow yourself to be guided along the most beautiful and unique works of art in Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance. Your guide will tell you for example why certain chapel doors caused so much turmoil in the Renaissance and why the city is packed with coats of arms with balls on them. If you like,  you can discuss beforehand with your guide what the theme of your tour will be. 


In the countryside

Where can you find the lookalike of the famous Brunelleschi dome of the  Florence cathedral? What did the country houses of the rich Medici family look like? Moreover, numerous small but renowned villages are waiting for you on the Tuscan hilltops. Your guide can tell you everything about the local dishes, truffles, and where to get the best wine. Get the most out of your trip outside Florence and learn about all the interesting details of the rich Tuscan culture, gastronomy and history.

Medici Tour

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You can't wait?
Contact your guide for some personal proposals:
+39 3479499026  (you can use Whatsapp)
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